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This free digital download is part of the Alabama Hardcore & Punk Archival Project launched by Best of Times Records. It was originally released by the band in 1993/1994.

Track by track breakdown from guitarist Tim Frazier:

"Here is a track listing and a bit of history about it all.
1. What It's Worth. First song Adam Davis brought to the band and the first one we learned as Society Overload. Totally redone for this demo. The original is a simple four chord progression but sounded so much like so many other punk bands that they redid it, added the gang style vocals, and viola: classic.
2. End of Me. The first song the original band ever wrote. This was pre-Adam Davis.
3. Live For Today. This features Adam on bass and my brother, Josh, on vocals. Originally I shredded (not really) a guitar solo in this song and it was a bit longer but they took that out post-Tim. This song ruled live.
4. Isolation. Holy FUCK! So badass. Adam wrote this one front to back. Pretty simple but to the point. Also ruled live. To bad that ending doesn't.
5. Land of the Free. AKA, Heathcliff. So incredibly poppy but undeniably fun. I think Brandon, the other guitarist, brought the chord progression in for this one. I dig the guitar solo Brandon does. The whole song sounds a bit Screeching Weasel. We didn't know who that was at the time.
6. Change. Josh sings this one as well, Adam on bass. The subject matter is all the scenesters growing up. Not us cos we were like 16 but all the 20 year olds started coming out to shows less and less and Josh saw fit to write a song about it. That chorus is just so rad. Especially the outro where they are swapping off vocals. Live all four of us up front would sing three or four different parts. Lots of fun.
7. Last Generation. Josh sings, Adam plays bass. Another reworked song from our earlier demo. I like the new stuff they did to this but the old version is my fave.
9. Taking Over. Embarrassing lyrically. I wrote the music to this one. I loved it. The original had a sick ass guitar solo, wah pedal, lots of bends, it but no "chorus". But seriously, "Love and joy are fading, hate grows ever strong, not a revolution, not a fucking love song" Genius. Not really.
10. Skinhead. I wrote all the music to this one. This version is not as good as the first. They sped it up. Originally it was more palm muted with that closed hi hat sound. In the mid 90's there were both Sharpie and Nazi skinheads that'd hang around. We wrote a song making fun of them.
11. When I'm Gone. Last song they wrote, I believe. It sounds quickly written but I really like it.
End of second demo.
First Demo:
12. End of Me
13. Out of Control (me on drums, Dave on bass) This usually ended the show. A six/seven minute tirade about being out of control. Cos that's how we roll in Gardendale....Obviously. But always and I mean ALWAYS awesome live.
14. What it's Worth (love this version)
15. What I Am. Totally corny song about a girl that shape-shifted to fit the scene.
16. Last Generation. Better than the one on the second demo. Pick slide that coincides with "How do you like that" was a complete accident but sounds so rad.
17. Confusion. Yeah...uh....I dunno. A riff I made up done over and over. Oh and don't forget the "drum solo". We didn't every really play this after the first show or two.
18. Skinhead. So much better this way than the revamped version. Two guitars also add so much to it. I was trying to channel J Mascis but you know....I suck.
19. Taking Over. No whoas on this one. Decent solo.
20. Crowded Room. The only song I played bass on. Two vocals, one guitar, bass and drums. Sometimes, after knocking over all our shit during Out of Control, we would play this one with partial drum set and amps on their sides and/or facedown."

Tim and David later played together in The Payoff.


released January 1, 1993

First Demo Lineup:
Josh Frazier - Bass/vocals
Adam Davis - vocals
Brandon Nelson - guitar
David Howse - drums
Tim Frazier - guitar

Second Demo lineup:
Josh Frazier - Bass/vocals
Adam Davis - vocals
Brandon Nelson - guitar
Tim Frazier - guitar
Monkey - Drums

Recorded at Airwave Studios in Homewood, AL 1993-4



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