Slip - Never Surrender 7"

by Slip

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Bio from Rocky Gillespie, found on a comment thread about the 7" on

"Frank (vocals) and i met when he moved from Ohio to Alabama. I was into NYHC and skateboarding as was he. We became pals and started playing with who ever we could find. We met a kid from Birmingham named Tommy Whitley. He was a kid that would travel up to Huntsville to random shows always wearing the same SICK OF IT ALL longsleeve. We played with him for a while and was an original member of Slip (our name came from the Quicksand record). We got Heath French eventually who we literally talked into learning how to play bass to play with us. Our drummer J.R. Collins was this little skater guy who belted the mess out of a drumset he found and put together. He later went on to the QUADRAJETS and last account of him he moved to Sweden? The SLIP 7″ made it to Wisconsin when Frank and I went to a HC fest “A NEW HOPE”. It was Strife’s beginnings as well as Earth Crisis, JASTA 14(jamey of Hatebreed)played as well as Resurrection, cornerstone, and the reason we went..... INTEGRITY. It was amazing. Anyhow, we took some records of our band up there and gave them out to a few ppl. Back to SLIP. After SLIP Frank and I wanted to do another HC band. Joel Jaqubino was the guy that moved here from Cali. We formed MANDOWN. we played a few shows and did a small Florida tour.While in MANDOWN i got asked to be in a juggernaut of a band called NAIL from Birmingham. After I started that Mandown broke up, NAIL toured with KILARA from Richmond and we made good friends for life. After tour NAIL decided to quit playing. Gary Dale, the bass player, got with Frank and I and once again, another band…FAREWELL. .I remember our drummer Shaun never wore shoes or a shirt and look like he was in the Allman Bros and well we only played 3 shows but every one we played some one bled. The last band i was in that had members from SLIP was LONG DAY COMING. It had Tommy playing bass again and i was playng guitar again. It was melodic much like SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE or older CHAMBERLAIN/SPLIT LIP. Good stuff. Frank however fronted CAPTION that had Tommy on bass. FREAKING AMAZING! I credit those guys for really starting a hardcore scene in AL. they were around for only a small time b/c the 2 guitar guys started an AMAZING tattoo shop NON STOP ART that is in Bham still today. After CAPTION Frank did CATCHFIRE with some CAPTION guys. Great metal but still had some HC parts. From that a bunch of the guys from a band called HASTE plus some of the guys from NAIL and CATCHFIRE formed ARCLIGHT. They are HHEEAAVVYY as balls and still play. All of that to say this. NO ONE from where Frank and I grew up knew who or what SLIP was. One cheerleader from our school showed up @ our show and was only there by chance. She heard us and wanted to be our friend. haha. HARDCORE saved me from this place i called home. so much more to this mis typed story. Frank and I had a band between SLIP and MANDOWN it was FALL FROM GRACE. Also SLIP was on the East Coast Assault II comp with OVERCAST and a few other greats. As I'm closing this I now have a 14 year old, the age when Frank and I met. I hope my son Blaine finds something in his life that means what Hardcore has meant to me. To add, the friends I am blessed to have made wouldnt be possible without my love for Hardcore and what it means to me still.
Rocky G."


released January 1, 1994



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