LONG DAY COMING - Alan Was Our Driver (The Jam Pad Sessions)

by Long Day Coming

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Long Day Coming was formed in the summer of 1996. The very very very first line up was Tommy Whitley on bass, Nick Brunson (me) on guitar and Dale Pickett (of NAIL) playing drums. That lasted for maybe 2 practices at most and the mighty Alan Light stepped in on drums leaving Dale Pickett more time to concentrate on his true passion, making fake bombs out of pvc pipe, Tang, and digital clocks (that’s completely true, look up Birmingham Bogus Bomber). Eventually we added Chris Mosley on vocals and that rounded out the very first “official” lineup of Long Day Coming. Our first show was at American Beat with Lion (ex-Burn) Walleye and Hot Water Music. There were maybe 20 people there. At the time we hadn't thought of an official name so we were billed as “Tigger” on the flyer. Eventually we added Jason Burns on guitar as well. Chris was eventually let go and replaced with Brian Miller on vocals. At some point we 86ed Brian and got Chris back on vocals. (You keeping up with this? You should because there’s gonna be a test later). This version of Long Day Coming lasted about a year or so before, Jason, myself and Chris all quit the band to concentrate on Haste. Rocky Gillespie (Mandown / Nail) and James McCracken stepped in on guitar and vocals after we left the band. You’ll have to talk to one of the other dudes about the band after that.
This recording was made in the fall of ’97, I think. It is the only piece of recorded music that exists of this version of Long Day Coming as far as I know. It was recorded in the Mephotis Jam Pad with a tape player we borrowed from Mike Cowles of Exhaust fame. It doesn't sound great by any means but it at the very least sounds good enough to hear most of the interesting stuff. You can hear that we were obsessed with Texas is the Reason, Gameface, mineral, Chamberlain (or Split Lip) and Monsula. Thanks to everyone who came to a show or drank with us in the practice space. It was a fucking good time and I will always look back on it as a defining time in my life. We’ll see you kids around.
Nick Brunson/Long Day Coming.


released January 1, 1997



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