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"If you’re reading this I would imagine it’s a pretty safe to say you already know about Haste. We were a band from Birmingham, AL from 1992 or 1993 to 2006. We had 3 full lengths on Century Media, an ep on 123 records and a bunch of songs on comps, tapes and tributes. These 3 songs are the last 3 songs we ever wrote as a band and the last 3 that were ever recorded as Haste. By the time we wrote and recorded these songs, we had been a band for over a decade. We had parted ways with our label, our management and one of our singers. This was the first Haste recording with one singer since the first time Haste ever recorded (back then they were Grimlock). Anyway…these songs were never released on anything, so here you go. They were recorded at Syncromesh Studios here in good old Tarrant, AL, by Jason Elgin just like all of our stuff. A very sincere “thank you” goes out to everyone who ever supported us in any way. Hopefully we’ll see you cats around soon.
Nick Brunson/Haste

More Notes from Nick:
"Gainer – The absentee
Pretty simple really. Gainer covered our song and did it waaaaaaay better than us. After this recording we kind of gave them this song and didn’t play it out anymore. Gainer was in my humble little opinion the best thing out of Birmingham since, well forever.

Rodney Reeves (of Wayne fame) – Off Parting Sound
Rodney Reeves is an incredible human being. He is easily one of the best musicians I have ever met and the fact that he covered our song is humbling to say the least. Rodney helped produce all 3 of Haste’s full lengths and provided endless hours of entertainment. If you never heard Wayne’s record, “Music on Plastic” I highly suggest you go buy it right now.

The original pre-production version of “The Rescued” from the Mercry lift album. This is obviously before Jeff Jenkins of the mighty Codeseven applied his vocal magic and saved this song. It was close to being cut before Jeff stepped in. We actually got to play this song live with Jeff once at a random show in South Carolina. If for some strange reason you have never heard Codeseven do yourself a favor and go buy everything they ever did."


released January 1, 2006

Haste – The Last recordings
Vocals – Chris Mosley
Guitar - Jason Burns
Guitar – Nick Brunson
Bass – Brandon Thrasher
Drums - Jeff Gardner
Vocals - Kelly Reaves (Tracks 1,4, & 7)

Recorded at Syncromesh Studios here in good old Tarrant, AL, by Jason Elgin



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